With a deep understanding of and expertise in mechanical design, mobile technology and connectivity, the seasoned team of experts behind Immotor GO built the world’s most advanced personal transportation vehicle. We re-imagined the form and function of existing personal transportation devices to design an intelligent, intuitive, and highly portable vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice any of the fun and quality performance of the ride. Immotor GO is unique and versatile because of its ultraportable design that transforms the vehicle into three stages – Ride, Auto Pilot or Stand-by, which allows it to fully collapse into a sleek, carry-on position. Setting a new standard for personal transportation, Immotor GO fills a void in this category by delivering a sophisticated vehicle that’s safe, durable and enjoyable to ride. Furthermore, the Immotor Super Battery is what separates Immotor GO from other personal transportation vehicles. Featuring a built-in microchip and processor, the battery is programmable, provides a wealth of information related to use, and is engineered to maximize safety. The Immotor GO delivers a highly advanced connected experience that includes interactive, self-updating software, Bluetooth connectivity, media and audio functionality with built-in speakers, GPS tracking, parental controls, cruise control, back-end data gathering and analysis, and more. Immotor GO’s built-in safety protocols and self-diagnostics intelligence, links directly to customer service, ensuring that you’re always connected and protected no matter where you are.

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