Traveling with a GO by air?


Since the Super Battery is TSA compliant, the GO can join you on your adventures! Simply remove the batteries from the GO and bring them as carry-on. The GO itself can either be checked or taken as carry-on. If checking the GO, you must properly pack it to protect it from damage - an Immotor Hard Travel Case accessory will be available by December 2017.

To bring the GO as carry-on, remove the batteries when going through TSA screening. Once through TSA screening, use the GO in compliance with respective airport regulations. The airline gate agent has final discretion regarding your ability to board the plane with the GO and may require that you ‘gate check’ the GO. When gate-checking the GO, be sure to cover the GO with the protective sleeve and notify the luggage handler that it is a mobility device.

For more assurance, the TSA does provide for use of mobility devices when traveling and provides a 'TSA Cares’ card for declaration purposes - more information on the TSA policy regarding mobility aids can be found at For your convenience, you can download a printable template of the card below.

Download TSA Care Card to make it easier

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