Setup Issues

How do I reach the top speed?

The GO's speed is restricted during the first quarter mile. You can only use Mode 1 for the first 0.3 miles (that's 0.5 kilometers). Once you're past that you can use Mode 2 and go faster by pressing the "multi-function button" for 3 seconds.
The button is located on the top side of the left handle (indicated by the camera icon).


What do I do when I run into issues with Bluetooth or Pairing?

There are two distinct Bluetooth connections we need to differentiate.
1. A BLE connection, which automatically pairs your smartphone with the GO after you scanned the QR code to "add your GO".
This connection is used to control the basic vehicle functions, such as Speed Mode (also called "Sport Mode"), Econ Mode, the headlight settings, the overall vehicle status. It also allows you to check for firmware updates.

2. A BT 4.0 connection, which allows you to play music/media through the GO's speaker. Keep in mind that you'll need to access your phone's Bluetooth settings and scan for the GO (when prompted, enter the 4 digit pairing code; by default 8888) to activate this connection.
This connection is not automatic and if you power off the GO you'll need to activate it again before you are able to use it.


How do I properly unfold the GO?

If you run into issues with the mechanical folding/unfolding mechanisms of the GO you can check out our YouTube channel. More specifically you can access the following links to check out how to switch between Stand-By and Ride (and vice versa):

Stand-By to Ride

Ride to Stand-By

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