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Which devices are compatible with the GO?

The Immotor app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It does require the more recent versions of their OS, though - more specifically iOS 9.0 and later or Android 5.0 and later.


Do I need the app in order to use the GO?

Your Immotor GO will work without the app or data plan, of course. Keep in mind though that it will lack certain functions/features including:

IoT features like GPS and remote tracking.

Control capabilities like speed, lights and the horn sounds.

The biggest drawback is the inability to access the full 16 MPH (top speed in the Sport Mode setting). Mode 2 will max out at 13 MPH, if you're not using the app.


What do I need to know about creating an account?

When you sign up on the app, you'll create an account for the app itself. This account is not the same as your GO Team account, though.

Your app account is your personal GO user profile, which is tied to the control and use of your unit(s).

Your GO Team account is your referral account. This one is used to reward you for sharing the GO with the people you know or meet!

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